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BAPE MA-1 Shark Bomber Jacket

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BAPE MA-1 Shark Bomber Jacket is the ultimate streetwear piece. It looks dope with any outfit and is so warm! The best part is that this Jacket has a unique style. BAPE MA-1 Shark Bomber Jacket has a super soft material that makes this Jacket very comfortable. Shop this product from Bape Hoodie online store.

BAPE MA-1 Shark Bomber Jacket is great for any Bape fanatic. The Jacket is lightweight, soft, and comfortable. It is one of the hottest pieces in Our Collection. The colors are original, and its quality is guaranteed by the high-tech weaving process, which provides durability and breathability to the fabric. The design of this Jacket is great for any bape fan who wants to show their love for the brand on a regular day.

Product Details

  • pre-washed
  • Front:Embroidery
  • 100% High-Quality Stuff
  • Cotton 80%
  • Polyester 20%
  • Brand: BAPE
  • Gender: Unisex
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